Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More Postcards!

More fiber postcard coming off the machine!

I'm the Sunshine Lady for Minnesota Contemporary Quilters and send out words of encouragement or congratulations.
Some postcards and greeting cards are made by other members of MCQ and a lot are made by me.
Here are some of the latest:
About 15 years ago I was at a play day at Susan Stein's home.
We did some stamping that day.
This fabric has been waiting "in the wings" for that many years.
Yay! finally a reason for being!!!

This is supposed to show hope and newness.

The petals are made from two fabrics fused together, cut, pleated and tacked onto the postcard.
A button makes the center.

This one was for someone getting knee surgery.
Lots of fusing.
I tend to save just about EVERYTHING
including little, tiny strips of fabric -
 as long as it has fusible on the back.

The butterfly is from a print fabric fused onto another fabric and  then fussy cut.
The body of the butterfly is fused onto the postcard and the wings are floating.
It's been very fun to mess around with machine quilting on these postcards.
They are small, and so are non-threatening
for a beginner like me.


  1. OH wow super fun I love postcards and I am beginner too. This post was fun very fun for me.... Love your style and work.
    From Karin @

  2. Karin - It's so satisfying to know somebody looks at my blog! Thank you for your comments; they are much appreciated.

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