Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another postcard

My friend Peg had cataract surgery recently
so I made this postcard for her.
I wanted to make it personal by using the color of her eyes
but couldn't remember what color they were!!!
So, duh - use ALL the colors.
That's what we're about in Minnesota Contemporary Quilters anyway.
Plus it made it so much more fun.
It's interesting how different shapes direct the creative thinking.
For example: The eyelid scrap was exactly the shape that went on the card. It was a double piece.
The eyelashes were exactly that long
and doubled to make them stiff.
They were easily cut with points.
I have drawers filled with all sizes and colors of scraps
that are already backed with fusing.
That's what is used...
...and often they dictate what the design will be.
Here's what is written on the back: (sing it)
Keep those little scraps! You never know when you need them!!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More Postcards!

More fiber postcard coming off the machine!

I'm the Sunshine Lady for Minnesota Contemporary Quilters and send out words of encouragement or congratulations.
Some postcards and greeting cards are made by other members of MCQ and a lot are made by me.
Here are some of the latest:
About 15 years ago I was at a play day at Susan Stein's home.
We did some stamping that day.
This fabric has been waiting "in the wings" for that many years.
Yay! finally a reason for being!!!

This is supposed to show hope and newness.

The petals are made from two fabrics fused together, cut, pleated and tacked onto the postcard.
A button makes the center.

This one was for someone getting knee surgery.
Lots of fusing.
I tend to save just about EVERYTHING
including little, tiny strips of fabric -
 as long as it has fusible on the back.

The butterfly is from a print fabric fused onto another fabric and  then fussy cut.
The body of the butterfly is fused onto the postcard and the wings are floating.
It's been very fun to mess around with machine quilting on these postcards.
They are small, and so are non-threatening
for a beginner like me.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Tree Project.

So here's the deal:About 30 of my quilter friends accepted a tree challenge presented to us by Wanda Shelton. We all got a basic pattern with only a couple of guidelines as to where the trunk began and a couple of the branches started. When we finished our tree, we were instructed to divide the tree into four quarters, mark them as #1, #2, #3, #4. We got to keep the lower left quadrant and left the other three to be drawn by others for their piece.
The tire swings are made with toy tires from a motorcycle from the Dollar Tree and hung from the branches by a string of beads.
That's mine on the lower left.
Lower right is Judy Lewis'
Upper left is Edith Dalleska.
Upper right is Andrea Johnson.

So now I'm going to try to make the pieces relate to each other without changing the original quarter too much. Maybe a few leaves cast to other quarters or beads. As it is, the upper left quarter was a little short so I added a little piece and scattered a few clouds across the top.

So the above is a 45 second video - don't know if it will come out as a video but will try.