Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Black and White MCQ Monthly Challenge

Each month the members of Minnesota Contemporary Quilters (MCQ) offer a challenge project to the members. This month is a "Black and White" challenge. I won the "Two Bit Bag" deal that had a baggie full of black and whites PLUS six Snickers bars. This design is a little trial of an idea in the Book, Cozy Modern Quilts by Kim Schaefer. Lots of squares in this one...I like it. There will be more border on this one; probably using up more black and white printed strips sewn together and then sliced up to make a checkerboard border between black strips.
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The Asian Quilt

A quilt for Carolyn and Pete is loooooonnnnng overdue. This one has Japanese ladies who are reading and/or writing. The nine patches were used as an interesting filler around the pictures.
Now I'm trying to decide if I should quilt it or have it done by a professional.

A close-up of a lady reading.

And another close-up.
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Safari Quilt #2

I call this a "nap quilt" since the size was not predetermined and it just plain got finished when it was done. This one was made using the scraps from Safari Quilt #1.
...and the back side. I often like the back sides better than the fronts of my quilts.
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