Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another postcard

My friend Peg had cataract surgery recently
so I made this postcard for her.
I wanted to make it personal by using the color of her eyes
but couldn't remember what color they were!!!
So, duh - use ALL the colors.
That's what we're about in Minnesota Contemporary Quilters anyway.
Plus it made it so much more fun.
It's interesting how different shapes direct the creative thinking.
For example: The eyelid scrap was exactly the shape that went on the card. It was a double piece.
The eyelashes were exactly that long
and doubled to make them stiff.
They were easily cut with points.
I have drawers filled with all sizes and colors of scraps
that are already backed with fusing.
That's what is used...
...and often they dictate what the design will be.
Here's what is written on the back: (sing it)
Keep those little scraps! You never know when you need them!!!

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