Saturday, September 29, 2012

Number Ten

Just got my studio in a better working condition thanks to Wanda Shelton and Sharah Gannett. Yes, Sharonahhh, there IS a floor in there - and I saw it today!!!!!
So this evening Number Ten was accomplished using some of my really fun scrappies.
Here ya go:

#10 - "George"  Cotton strip quilting


Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's difficult for me to keep color value in mind and it shows in this piece. The composition in this one is okay but the colors all blend together. ...I still like it tho. The window is from a photograph taken in France and the shutters actually shut on this postcard. The photo was printed using an ink jet printer onto special cotton cloth produced for this purpose. Here ya go:
#9 - "Ouvre la Fenetre" (Open the Window)
cotton, photo print window, lace flower applique.

So. That's it for today. I'm about 3 or 4 behind - but we're not going to get picky here.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Numbers three through eight

Okay. Here's the start of posting I said would happen. My brother-in-law is in University hospital for a three week treatment time and it gave an opportunity to me to get back to the sewing machine.
I imposed a personal challenge on myself to make a postcard a day for 21 days in hopes that it would be enjoyable for b-i-l and also in hopes of getting my "mojo" back in the color and design world.

It wasn't until the first postcard was sewn that I realized that the upper tension on the machine was virtually non-existant. It was the weekend so I had to go to the ever lovin' paper (I love paper) for the next two. Of course, immediately I was behind two postcards. Never mind, "we must persevere"!!!

I brought the machine to Johnston's Sales and Service on Lyndale Ave S and 64th Street. They had it fixed for me that same afternoon!!!! Here's their web site:
They cleaned, oiled and repaired the upper tension and it runs like silk now.
I recommend them.
Commercial over.
Here are some sort of fuzzy photos of #'s 3-8. Didn't think to photograph the first two. They'll come later - AND I'll use the tripod from now on.
#3 - Self Portrait. Paper
#4 - Rooftop Dancing. cotton fabric and foil moon. Thread drawing.
#5 - Lake Minnetonka. Cotton, metalic mesh, shiney see-through filmy stuff.
#6 - Hot Jungle. Cotton. Thread drawing.
And what is behind the flippity flaps?.....
#7 - Peek-A-Boo! It's Betty!!!  Cotton. Thread drawing.
#8 - Fall On The Hill. Cotton, thread drawing.
That's it for now. Hope you like the show.