Monday, October 22, 2012

And one more thing....

I brought the latest postcard to show the Aunties Marion and June down the hall. Auntie Marion said " You could use it for a mask!" and we all tried it on and laughed at ourselves. The now mask needed a little spot for the nose to protrube so I cut a little arch and finished the edge. Wah-Lah - a mask!
"Masquing Our Nap"

Think I'll make some more.
Always liked the idea of fantasy masks.


  1. The mask is fabulous! You've inspired me to do that for my next postcard exchange sign-up! Such a cool idea.
    Earlier in the day I saw on my iPod that there was a postcard on your feet picture.
    An hour ago I turned on the computer and I saw the picture next to the picture of your feet.
    Now it's gone.
    Maybe you figured it out.
    I can't remember the theme for MCQ's yearly challenge...maybe I'm forgetful from taking huge amounts of vitamin C and drinking water all day.

    Totally cool mask postcard!!!

  2. Oh, the picture is only gone when I'm on the page of this post. When I'm on the main page for the blog it's back.

  3. Next year's challenge is ... ABODE.
    I'm thinking of making a big, funky easy chair with maybe some fleas or something living in it. Waddaya think?